Geeklog: What I Learnt Today / Adam

Lucee task spooler

> Lucee/cfml based website got attacked by someone and they ended up triggering a few thousand emails. So as a note to self that may well break mail spooling, you can see the numbers in the the server admin under task spooler. This is where it shows up you have a problem you might not realise that emails are not being sent immediately.
At the moment in Lucee there doesn't seem to be a way of resending the emails or clearing them via the admin panel. You can go find the files and get rid of them or move them to another folder they live under:

There are two folders 'closed' and 'open', I think it probably moves them from one folder to another as they fail. In my circumstance I just moved the .tsx files into another folder to get rid. This updates the counts in cfadmin and clears out the emails it was trying to send.
I was breaching the web hosts email sending quota per hour and because there were so many emails queued the quota wasn't ever clearing.

/ Adam