Geeklog: What I Learnt Today / Adam

Mac internet connection dies after about a minute

> My imac running OS X 10.6.8 would stop working and suffer spinning beach ball death after about 90 seconds of internet connection. Turns out what it needed was ipv6 disabled. Then it worked dandy.

Mines a 2007 imac so it may be an older mac issue and different for you. I had changed router at some point and I think after that it failed, which makes it seem obvious that was the issue but because I only used it seldomly and often offline I hadn't noticed.

I had discounted the router being the issue as the connection worked for so many seconds before it died. I looked at error logs (useless), load - nothing and pulled other stuff apart. Seems dumb now but with no error it was guess work. Resetting Pram, updating operating systems, viruses, screen rewrite frequency and repair disk were "solutions" I came across whilst googleing

So if you have something like that happen to you try disabling ipv6 and see if that helps first, before you try more complicated solutions and get more frustrated.

/ Adam