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Why you want to avoid compatibility mode

> This is more of a tale than a codey thing but here is one of possibly many reasons why you want to avoid compatibility mode in Internet Explorer.
Its a sneaky usually unnoticeable thing. I've had a couple of instances where its been inadvertantly switched on by a client recently. Both times things didn't happen as expected one site was using a shopping cart system where a rich text description field died and a second was using WordPress where they couldn't upload images. The second was a complete git because they were travelling in Mongolia so working out what was happening was er lets just say awkward. Its easily solved once you think of it (click in location bar) but ideally it just wouldn't be triggered.
So to be cool like 'Yuri'* consider putting this in your sites header.

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">

You can read more Microsoft compatibility mode gubbins.

* I maintain that Yuri Gagarin was pretty cool especially when you consider his rentry

/ Adam