Geeklog: What I Learnt Today / Adam

Grub boot loader bust

> My dads netbook has a dual boot set up with Windows 7 and Ubuntu. The other day it wouldn't boot at all. It just started up went to its 'Samsung boot screen' then flashing cursor then 'boot screen' meh meh meh.
Yesterday I got round to looking at it and tried installing from a Ubuntu CD I was happy to loose the Ubuntu install it has nothing on it anyway, but it couldn't write to the boot loader. So I went to plan B which probably should have been plan A. I started from the Ubuntu CD in the preview mode. Once I managed to get it running from that. I installed this boot-repair program I found out about from my geek opinions.
Once I'd and ran 'boot-repair' it ran fine went through stages and fixed the boot loader and now his netbook seems to be working fine. Which is nice because I'm only a beginner to Ubuntu.

/ Adam