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deploy script

> Got a bit irritated with ftp/sftp last week so wrote a deploy bash script so can upload site to server from terminal. It uses rsync to transfer/update the files online over SSH seems a lot quicker and less painful than trying to remember what files have changed or listing a directory by date to find modified files. Will probably evolve this and add it into each project as I work on them. I guess I could integrate with tests so that it uploads if tests pass and possibly do some compression of CSS files or Javascript files on upload. Not exactly continuous build but hopefully a bit more automation in my day.
Caution: I've only tried this on my mac running OS X 10.5.8. Also if you don't configure the deploy_directory correctly you could overwrite/delete something important so its a potentially dangerous thing :)
I'm running the script from the root of the project i'm going to upload/sync.

# you could put the things to --exclude in a separate text file if they 
# get to lengthy
echo "Deploying '$application_name' to '$deploy_server' in folder '$deploy_server_folder'" echo "Reading source $script_location"
rsync -avuz --delete --stats ./ $ssh_user@$deploy_server:$deploy_server_folder --exclude '.git' --exclude 'sessions' --exclude 'deploy.sh' --exclude 'test.php' --exclude '.DS_Store'
echo "Deployment successful and so much speedier than ftp/sftp"

Guess I'll improve this quite a bit over next few weeks as I use it for a few more sites, perhaps also work out a way of not getting prompted for the SSH password each time too. Perhaps though prompting might be a good thing.

/ Adam